Saturday, 25 February 2017

Gold Gann Angle Update

Look everywhere, trouble brewing in Europe, China and US. How can the change thats coming not break something?

Good video covering Europe, China and US!

Gann angles (1 point to draw a line, not 2 like a trend line)

Gold Gann angle

Apex, a point of demand and supply battle to end, and a price move for the winner.

Gold moving averages

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Tuesday, 21 February 2017

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Date Found: Wednesday, 13 July 2016, 03:17:09 PM

Comment: .."But, investors truly wonder if the moves are sustainable. As we have stressed, the valuation on Utilities looks stretched..."... RTT: No kidding!!

Date Found: Monday, 18 July 2016, 03:28:53 AM

Comment: Catherine Austin Fitts-The Debt Game Is Over

Date Found: Wednesday, 20 July 2016, 12:39:33 AM

Comment: Deutsche Bank is Broke, Derivatives Collapse Coming - Jim Rogers Interview

Date Found: Friday, 22 July 2016, 04:44:14 PM

Comment: This will bust!...

Date Found: Saturday, 23 July 2016, 03:37:20 PM

Comment: The baby boomers will sink the stock market before 2020 www.thefelderrepo...

Date Found: Sunday, 24 July 2016, 02:47:26 PM

Comment: I'm Calling It (metals)

Date Found: Sunday, 24 July 2016, 03:24:11 PM

Comment: Trump Policy Will Unravel Traditional Neocons , very smart play!

Date Found: Sunday, 24 July 2016, 11:25:34 PM

Comment: History : Repeat Did Verizon Just Signal The Top?

Date Found: Tuesday, 26 July 2016, 05:04:53 PM

Comment: Government Sachs

Date Found: Thursday, 28 July 2016, 01:55:24 PM

Comment: BROWN PANTS WARNING ..."Over the past half-century, we have never seen a decline in earnings of this magnitude without at least a 20% fall in stock prices, a hurdle many use to define a bear market."...

Date Found: Friday, 29 July 2016, 04:40:47 PM

Comment: Taylor Rule.."Brown pants" required ...

Date Found: Friday, 29 July 2016, 05:49:33 PM

Comment: Italy and Portugal - Ouch!

Date Found: Tuesday, 02 August 2016, 03:17:00 PM

Comment: No Comment

Date Found: Thursday, 04 August 2016, 01:07:43 AM

Comment: August 2016: European Bank Stress Tests Were An Epic Fail

Date Found: Saturday, 06 August 2016, 08:14:21 PM

Comment: Utility stocks looking increasingly expensive (Sales to Price ratio)

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Monday, 20 February 2017

The Volume and Price Conundrum

Reading the tea leaves of a price and volume chart leaves most confused, here are some thoughts.

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Friday, 10 February 2017

Now is the time, the end is near

This Dow Jones Industrial match up is too spooky, market sentiment is oooh so similar.

 Reversal Base
2003 - End of sell off, rally started with WAR in Iraq.
2009 - End of AAA paper with the Lehman sell off, rally started with the FED/BOJ/BOC/BOE saving the world.
Very negative sentiment, world was about to end!

 Powerful Mark Up Trend
2003 to 2004 - The world didn't blow up, US winning the War, stock prices return from where they fell.
2010 to 2015 - FED/BOJ/BOC/BOE saving the world every year, QE rolling over and over!

2005 to 2006 - Large caps just went sideways, all the action was in the US property market.
2015 to 2016 - Oops QE does not really create demand. China wobbles on lack of world wide demand, spends reserves to pay for stuff. China is the demand engine for the world.

 Euphoria Blow Off Trend
2007 to 2008 - Low inflation, means lower interest rates that fuel property boom, happy days are here again, as the US housing market never goes down! Bad news is ignored, as it is different this time!
2016 to 2017 - TRUMPs spending plan will create a demand boom and will go easy on the banks, plus the FED/BOJ/BOC/BOE have the markets back, what could ever go wrong. Bad news is ignored, as it is different this time!

POINT: While a trend is extended in one asset class, look for asset classes that have been ignored or supressed. You can be sure the professional money managers are!


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Friday, 3 February 2017

Investing Themes To Consider

Following winners is natural, is the same. These names represent the investing themes liked by Richard Wyckoff, Jesse Livermore, Richard Ney, William Gann, Jim Hurst, Sir John Templeton, Peter Lynch and William J O'Neil. These are the best gunslingers!

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Sunday, 29 January 2017

NYSE no break out yet!

NYSE magic number is 11,500 and we are not there yet! So things can get a little hairy at resistance.

The TRUMP PUMP may be coming to an end, expect a consolidation to allow the market to determine what to do next, or of course the next week FOMC could blow it all up.


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Tuesday, 24 January 2017

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Date Found: Thursday, 30 June 2016, 11:51:18 PM

Comment: Bullion Banks Are Starting to Lose Control of Silver

Date Found: Friday, 01 July 2016, 03:30:33 PM

Comment: Cashin - Market Beats Fed

Date Found: Friday, 01 July 2016, 11:06:14 PM

Comment: More Wisdom From Jesse Livermore And Some Key Market Notes On Friday The 13th

Date Found: Saturday, 02 July 2016, 03:06:14 PM

Comment: RTT: US Corporate debt bubble pop coming ! Refinancing will be tough! Easy money does this!

Date Found: Saturday, 02 July 2016, 03:21:13 PM

Comment: Ahead: END of GOLD MANIPULATION FRAUD | Craig Hemke

Date Found: Saturday, 02 July 2016, 09:38:44 PM

Comment: July 2016: European Banking Crisis Imminent! Next Global Banking Crisis ...

Date Found: Wednesday, 06 July 2016, 03:43:10 PM

Comment: Jeanine Pirro reacts to Bill Clinton's meeting with AG Lynch

Date Found: Thursday, 07 July 2016, 02:56:41 PM

Comment: Crazy - A Story of Debt, by Grant Williams

Date Found: Friday, 08 July 2016, 04:48:12 PM

Comment: The Simple Reason George Soros Is So Bearish Today

Date Found: Friday, 08 July 2016, 04:57:29 PM

Comment: How Western Military Interventions Shaped the Brexit Vote

Date Found: Sunday, 10 July 2016, 12:27:57 AM

Comment: Stuxnet 60 Minutes

Date Found: Sunday, 10 July 2016, 01:05:22 AM

Comment: Keiser Report: Rob Kirby

Date Found: Sunday, 10 July 2016, 01:35:25 AM

Comment: This is Deutsche Bank’s CDS spread and it keeps going the wrong way fast (a CDS is a measure of risk – higher is bad). Things at European banks are not going okay, with Italian banks at the centre of the latest headlines (massive amounts of bad debt).

Date Found: Sunday, 10 July 2016, 01:37:13 AM

Comment: Since Brexit it feels like the US market doesn’t know which way to go. European markets specifically haven’t fared well. All eyes these days are on Italian banks and the massive amounts of bad debt they’ve got. While the bank stocks have been getting hammered as a result, Bank CDS has fared better. This is important to note. When investors are fearful of immenent financial distress Bank CDS spikes (as it did in 2011). This time around it’s not as bad, yet.

Date Found: Monday, 11 July 2016, 03:29:43 PM

Comment: Brad Katsuyama - The Stock Market had become an Illusion

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