Saturday, 15 April 2017

Good and Bad Accumulations

Not all 'Causes' or accumulations (or distributions) warrant a trade, some are good and some are not, it is the readers job to determine which are more Mr Hyde or Mr Jekyll.

The Law of Cause and Effect
In order for there to be an effect (change in price), there needs to be a cause. The effect will be in direct proportion to that cause. Best price moves occur when there has been enough time to allow for a period of accumulation or distribution (or in other words a cause).

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Saturday, 8 April 2017

Alphabet Inc suffers distribution

There is something going on at GOOGLE.

Large down swings on high volume over the last 6 months. Kinda get the feeling the month end earnings report (April 27 2017) may have a few negative surprises. We have seen the stories that advertisers are unhappy with the shot gun approach used by google to apply advertising dollars. Some one is unloading!.

A high volume downswing can be bullish if the damage to the trend is not too bad and are infrequent, but when you see 5 down swings where the volume is greater than the up swing, you just have to conclude prices are being held up by the market makers to allow some big whale to sell at very good average prices.

Our customised OBV tool (RTTOBV-Trend (Daily)) shows the trend has changed for the price volume pressure as it shows divergence. Warning, and suggest to investors be careful out there!

It is true however the Wyckoff law of Effort vs Results would suggest with all this volume on the down swing and it has yet to do serious price damage it can be considered bullish. This is true, however it still is not a great sign, while other stocks can be considered as they show better price and volume action health.

The point is the next high volume swing, maybe a feather that breaks the trend.


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Sunday, 2 April 2017

RTT Chart Review 4 - XLF, BAC, WFC

Lets review the banking sector. The 'potential' of changes to DodFrank on the TRUMP election win sent banks stocks rocketing higher, but will prices hold at these highs!

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Thursday, 30 March 2017

SP500 Kitchin cycle says trouble brewing

Since March 2009 the SP500 is up 250%, so another 10% gain is just chump change, and chasing it may be a step too far!

The Kitchin cycle (purple loops) suggests trouble can be expected between May 2017 and June 2018, suggests a minimum 20% correction is a sure thing during the next 18 months with the TRUMP'ster around. Why chase a 10% gain now? Best waiting for the expected market correction before increasing your exposure to real market risk. Makes sense no!

NOTE: The price chart below with our RTTHurstDPO indicator shows price is conforming to the 900 bar Kitchin cycle.


Ok maybe you don't get cycles or other chart reading tools, and you need a fundamental reason for such a market correction. Easy, how about rising inflation on the USA $66T of debt. A 1% inflation increase is $660BN loss in purchasing power. Higher interest rates normally follow higher inflation. The US inflation chart below is the chart to watch, nothing else matters. The FED will finally have its inflation problem.


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Tuesday, 21 March 2017

SP500 machine off day

Today the market has fallen 27 pts (so far) on the SP500, it looks like a machine off day!

Here are some charts from our private RTT Plus blog over the past two months.

The Golden Ratio is very good in picking price judder bars when a market is in new ground and has no resistance.

Goldien Number

Maybe the realisation TRUMP plans may take a little longer than expected, we may see a similar price action to Reagan first year. Or maybe its just the ECB talking of higher rates with all the banking issues they have, and how the many legs of the octopus may reach the US banks derivative books. (Note: Banks are selling off hard, just after a period of large insider selling by bank bosses)

Reagan first year

Or course we all have seen topping patterns before, wide range up into new ground to bring in the uniformed, wide range down as the informed distribute to the uniformed.

Market tops

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Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Stock Accumulations to Review

Finding stocks which have patterns of interest, is a sequence of filtering by math and eyeball chart scanning. We start with a large sample and end up with a small sample to act upon.

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