Thursday, 1 December 2016

US 30 yr yield, your best defence is?

It is said that a rising stock market with rising interest rates is healthy ! Then why are there massive shipments of 'Adult Diapers' to Wallstreet (joke) ?

The cost of money ($USD) is changing
- Share buy backs will cost more
- Mortgage rates will rise
- Dividends will have to match this
- US Govt interest bill increasing
- 'Deals' just cost more more more!

Short Answer: This is not good.


Remember the FED QE tends to see interest rates that wont help! Maybe Janet Yellen will say 'We will do what it takes to save the dollar, and it will be enough!'

QE and Interest Rates

Are you ready for the next crisis? Take your pick!

Gold  Money

Disclosure: Got both!

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Sunday, 27 November 2016

Gold Cycle Update

Using our Jim Hurst Cycle tools we can find major cycle bottoms in a time series.

Time series do cycle, and multiple times cycles find major bottoms. A gold cycle bottom is hear or very near. Simply a price bounce is due.

Gold Cycle

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Thursday, 24 November 2016

Joke: When Hitler found out TRUMP won!

Time for a funny ha ha, cant be serious all the time!

If you cant have a laugh! Life is too short!

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Monday, 21 November 2016

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Saturday, 19 November 2016

Richard Ney method in the stock market

Richard Ney and Richard Wyckoff have a lot in common, however Richard Ney gets into more depth as he exposes how the market works at the hands of the market makers.

 More from RTT Tv

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Monday, 14 November 2016

Gold Gann - Update

Post the US 2016 election, gold and silver screamed higher then plunged lower, children don't be worried all is well.
image1 So far!

Previous Post: Gold Gann angle - Update

You can learn more about Gann Angles here.

Q & A

Q1: How do the big boys build a large position in gold, when no one wants to sell?

A1: Using the news (the US Nov Election) they smash down price to create volume, to accumulate float from the weak hands, and hopefully not damaging the chart too much!

Q2: What does TRUMP mean, when he says that Mexico will pay for the border wall?

A2: Mexico is the single largest producer of silver, if metals (gold and silver) double in price, the wealth held by the Mexico in the ground will easily pay for the border wall. In fact Mexico could become one the wealthiest  countries in the world. Maybe TRUMP will do a deal in boost USA silver stocks. Maybe TRUMP will insist that the Gov't (Exchange Stabilization Fund or PPT) leave the price of gold and silver to find it own level. Maybe this is why the Mexican president was very happy to see TRUMP!

After all, TRUMP is a fan of the yellow stuff, just look at his loo.


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Thursday, 10 November 2016

Trump Trade - Inflation risk high

Trump is in the shadows of Regan, will he be as super!

Q: How much copper is involved in a TRUMP re construction plan?
A: A lot!

US 10 yr up, Copper Up, Inflation risk up.

In truth traders have no idea post Trump election and markets are all over the place. Interest rates are up for two reasons, WW3 is off, and expected US government spending is likely to be inflationary.

There are dangers all over the place, if the US 10yr gets too high, so will the US dollar, then this will force the Chinese to devalue and follow with more US paper selling.

Below are trade break outs worth watching with Wyckoff Logic, price is off the lows on strength, breaking supply lines, that is what Wyckoffian traders like to see!


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